Horseshoe Crab Sustainability Project

Focuses on supporting fisheries worldwide and ensuring the genetic diversity of the horseshoe crab.

Internally funded initiative

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July 2021: Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.'s One Of A Kind Sustainability Project Meets A Milestone Of One Million Juvenile Crabs Released In Massachusetts!

Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) introduced our Horseshoe Crab Sustainability Project in 2018, expanded the program into Asia in 2019 and to date has reared and released into coastal waters, more than 1 million juvenile horseshoe crabs!

This unique program was aimed at complementing our over 45 year history of horseshoe crab conservation and to ensure a stable supply of horseshoe crabs now and for future generations to come. Working with local regulators and having received a class 1 type 4 aquaculture permit and utilizing a patent pending process, ACC collects HSC eggs, fertilizes, grows and strategically releases horseshoe crabs back into their natural environment. This program only utilizes eggs collected from bait crabs that are sacrificed for the eel, conch and whelk fisheries, extending their genetic legacy for generations to come.

The system worked so well ACC also applied for a patent which is now pending. In 2019 systems were allocated as grants to organizations in an effort to help horseshoe crabs in Asia.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 ACC proudly released it's 1,000,000th juvenile horseshoe crab!

Please check back for future updates!

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