Custom Services

CTS offers a variety of services that are customized to meet each clients' individual requirements.

Methods Development

Some samples or devices interfere with the BET tests and a method must be developed in order to be able to perform a valid test for endotoxin. CTS will determine how best to prepare the sample for testing. We can also perform testing to validate any sample pre-treatment and the test method.

Methods Transfer

Many companies have sufficient testing volume to justify performing the assay in-house. For these customers, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. supplies a complete line of the highest quality LAL reagents. CTS supports this line by working with companies to develop and optimize methods to test products. CTS also helps customers convert from one methodology to another, e.g., from testing by the gel-clot method to chromogenic or turbidimetric assays. The methods developed by CTS are then transferred to the client for use by their own QC laboratories. Your company gets the assurance that the method will work well with your products.

Custom Depyrogenation Controls

CTS will make custom depyrogenation controls using the same items normally processed in your oven and provide a Certificate of Analysis for the articles. The controls are then used to demonstrate at least a three-log reduction by your oven cycle. CTS can also test items post-depyrogenation to verify your oven cycle performance.